How to Make a Perfect Day After Curly Hair outubro 2021

How to Make a Perfect Day After Curly Hair

The so feared and dreamed Day After!

Who doesn’t dream of waking up with beautiful hair and going around rocking it? Well, today I will help you make this possible!

Get in on the tips!

Finishing for the day dafter

Creature, a good day after is only possible if you are careful in finishing.

More detailed finishing or with products that guarantee definition will give you a perfect day after.

When I want a good day after, I whim in my submission. I use a more consistent comb cream (because it makes my curl more definite), a curl activator, and a jelly.

All of this guarantees me a lasting and definite day after!

Revitalize your hair in the day after

If your hair didn’t wake up as you wanted, bet on a revitalization!

When my hair wakes up frizzy or undefined, I resort to revitalization to bring back the definition of curls.

My way of revitalizing these days is just with a jelly and a lighter activator. I mix them both in my hand and crumple the curls.

Satin Pillow Case

I bet this tip you have heard or use!

To ensure that your hair will dawn, bet on a satin pillowcase or a satin cap.

For the satin will avoid friction between your hair, thus reducing frizz and retaining the definition of curls.

Okay, now you know my secrets to having a perfect Day after!

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